Who can request a credit report

You can request your credit report at any time free of charge (subject to fair usage).

No other person such as your spouse/partner, friend, relative, employer, financial advisor or landlord can obtain your credit report without your consent. Such a person is called a third party. If you wish to give your consent to a third party, or if you are acting as a third party, read our third party fact sheet before submitting a request for a credit report. 

Credit Information Providers, or lenders, will be able to request a credit report when:

  • You have made an application for a new loan;
  • You have applied to have your existing loan restructured;
  • You have arrears on your existing loan or you have breached the limit of a credit card or overdraft.

List of Credit Information Providers

You can submit a request for a credit report or view our requesting a credit report factsheet.