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About the Central Credit Register

The Central Credit Register (CCR) is being established by the Central Bank of Ireland, under the Credit Reporting Act 2013.


Credit report


You can request your credit report or make a request to exercise any of your rights including placing an explanatory statement on your credit report, requesting an amendment to information on your credit report or placing a notice of suspected impersonation on your credit report.


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How it works

The Central Credit Register is a new secure system for collecting personal and credit information on loans of €500 or more.

How it works


  • 21 January 2019

    Business loans now included on credit reports

    Credit reports that include business loans such a loans to companies, partnerships, clubs and associations are available to lenders and borrowers from 21 January 2019.

    This means that credit reports are now available for both consumer borrowing (credit cards, mortgages, overdrafts and personal loans), with information...

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