Lender Area

Who is entitled to register for the Lender Area

In order to access the Lender Area you must:

  • be a Credit Information Provider (Lender) as described in the Credit Reporting Act.
  • be in possession of a Provider Code and a Registration Number issued by the Central Bank.

List of Credit Information Providers

If you have a lender related query, you may find out information on our Lender FAQ or you may wish to make an enquiry.

If you are a registered lender and have lost or never received a Provider Code or Registration Number you can make an enquiry.

Please read our data protection statement.


What is a Credit Information Provider

Under the Credit Reporting Act 2013 a Credit Information Provider means:

  a) a regulated financial services provider
  b) NAMA
  c) a local authority, or
  d) any person not within paragraphs (a) to (c) who provides credit, other than—

          i. the Bank or the central bank of any country or territory other than the State, or
          ii. a pawnbroker, within the meaning of the Pawnbrokers Act 1964.

The credit reporting obligations apply to over 500 lenders for example, Banks, Credit Unions, Local Authorities, NAMA, High Cost Credit Providers and Asset Finance houses. The obligations also apply to those entities that have acquired loan books from Irish financial institutions in recent years.

Please note that registration as a Credit Information Provider only applies to your obligations under the Credit Reporting Act and you may also require to be authorised by the Central Bank for certain activities.

Once registered

Lenders can access and download:

  • Up-to-date information documents and technical manuals including Guidance on the CCR, the Onboarding Manual, the Submission Manual, A2A Enquiry Manual and the Service Management Manual.
  • Additional Q&A section which supports the information documents and the technical manuals.

Further information is available on our FAQ.