Apply for your credit report and other rights

The Credit Reporting Act 2013 provides you with four important rights.




You have a right to apply for your credit report at any time, free of charge subject to fair usage.

The information contained on your credit report is provided by your lender(s) to the Central Credit Register. Lenders do not provide any underlying documents, forms, records or any other documentation relating to your loan to the Central Credit Register. You can request underlying documents directly from your lender.

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If you have obtained your credit report and believe there is information that is inaccurate, incomplete, or not up to date you can request an amendment to that information.

We will respond to you within 20 days with an update or a decision, and there is a maximum period of 40 days within which your request must be answered.

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You can place an explanatory statement on your credit report to provide further information on your loan(s). Your explanatory statement must be 200 words or less and must relate only to you and your information on your credit report.

You are the author and publisher of this statement. The Central Bank takes no responsibility for the content of this statement”.

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You can place a notice of suspected impersonation on your credit report if you believe you are being, have been, or are about to be, impersonated by another and will remain on your credit report for 90 days.

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To apply for your credit report, or exercise any other rights, you will need three types of identification documents including:

  • photo and signature
  • proof of your address
  • proof of your PPSN

Information on identification documents you can use.

For online requests you should be able to print your application form once you have completed it, sign it, and scan it back to us. If this is not possible, read our FAQ on digital signatures here.


If you cannot do an online application, you can use the postal system here