List of Credit Information Providers

On this page you will find the List of Credit Information Providers (lenders), who have submitted personal and credit information to the Central Credit Register. 

This list will be updated regularly as more lenders submit information. The Central Bank continues to work with those lenders who have not yet submitted information to the Central Credit Register to ensure that they are compliant within the shortest possible length of time. 

The Central Bank owns the information held on the Central Credit Register and is a data controller under the Data Protection Acts. Information submitted to the Central Credit Register is used to create individual credit reports. You have a right to request your credit report, free of charge at any time (subject to fair usage).  Find out how to request your credit report and exercise any of your rights.

Your credit report does not tell you if you can be approved for a loan.

The Central Credit Register does not:

  • decide if a loan is approved or not – the lender makes that decision;
  • score or grade Credit Reports.

List of Credit Information Providers


Under the Credit Reporting Act 2013 a Credit Information Provider means:

  a) a regulated financial services provider
  b) NAMA
  c) a local authority, or
  d) any person not within paragraphs (a) to (c) who provides credit, other than—

          i. the Bank or the central bank of any country or territory other than the State, or
          ii. a pawnbroker, within the meaning of the Pawnbrokers Act 1964.

To be in scope of the Credit Reporting Act 2013, and be included on the List of Credit Information Providers, a lender must be a Credit Information Provider, providing credit in connection with a credit application or agreement to which the Act applies, to a Credit Information Subject.   

More information for lenders and a comprehensive FAQ list is available.