Applying for a Credit Report

Once we receive all the necessary documentation from you, your request enters a queuing system to be processed by the Central Credit Register. We will provide a credit report to you as soon as possible.

We will only contact you if any documentation is missing or illegible. Please check your spam or junk folder regularly as some email providers may automatically move the email there.

We cannot accept documentation from external drive sites (e.g. Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox). If you are unable to upload your documents through our website, please email us at with documentation attached in PDF or JPEG format.

The Central Credit Register will accept digitally signed application forms. You may submit a completed application form with a recognisable digital signature however plain text or cursive font will not be accepted. The signature must match the signature supplied on your identification document.

Alternatively, you may upload a note (in PDF or JPEG format) which includes:

  • Reference number contained on your application form
  • Handwritten signature
  • Date of signature

You will also need identification documents to proceed with your request.

Control of the use of the Public Service Card is set out in Section 263 of the Social Welfare Act 2005. Schedule 5 of that Act contains a list of specified bodies who are permitted to seek the production of public service cards. The Central Bank is not included on the list of specified bodies in this Schedule and therefore cannot seek or accept a public service card as a form of identification for the Central Credit Register. Read more about the identification documents that are acceptable.

 You should provide your current address, and your most recent address and any other address you believe is associated with any loans you have or may have had.

You may complete the online application form to request your credit report.

You must print and sign your completed application form and upload it with your identification documents.

Postal applications will take longer and you will need to complete and sign an application form which you can download.

You will also need to include copies of three separate identification documents. See what identification documents you can use here

Borrowers who are individuals can submit a request for their credit report at any time free of charge, subject to such requests not being excessive in with the with General Data Protection Regulation. This is called 'fair usage'. Borrowers who are not individuals (for example companies) may submit a request for a credit report once a year free of charge. There will be a charge of €6.35 for any subsequent request within the year.

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