What is on the Central Credit Register

Information on borrowers such consumers, individuals, sole traders, companies and any other entities that are resident in the State at the time of making the credit application, or where the credit agreement is governed by Irish law, are included on the Central Credit Register.

This information includes personal information such as name, date of birth, address(es), PPSN, gender and contact details, and credit information such as the type of loan you have, the amount borrowed, the name of the lender and the payment performance.

In time, it will also include guarantors who provide guarantees or indemnities in respect of credit agreements.

You can see a sample credit report on our publications page.

  • Asset finance houses
  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Firms that have acquired loan books from Irish financial institutions
  • Licensed moneylenders
  • Local authorities
  • NAMA
From 30 June 2017  From 31 March 2018 From 30 June 2019
Credit cards Business loans Hire purchase
Mortgages Local authority loans PCPs
Overdrafts Licensed moneylenders Asset finance
Personal loans    


The Central Credit Register is established by the Central Bank of Ireland under a specific piece of legislation called the Credit Reporting Act 2013. The Central Credit Register began collecting information on all consumer loans for €500 or more that were active on 30 June 2017. This was followed by business loans, moneylender loans and local authority loans in March 2018. Asset finance loans, such as hire purchase or PCPs, were included in June 2019.

Information submitted by lenders is used to produce your Central Credit Register credit report. No information is, or has been, transferred to the Central Credit Register from any other credit bureau.

Other credit bureaux that may have produced credit reports or credit scores, such as the Irish Credit Bureau (ICB) are not within the remit of the Central Bank of Ireland. If you have any queries about credit reports produced by another credit bureau you should contact them directly.

A list of lenders who report to the Central Credit Register is available on our Credit Information Providers List.

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