Lenders must enquire from 30 September 2018

Lenders have been submitting information on credit cards, mortgages overdrafts and personal loans to the Central Credit Register monthly since 30 June 2017. Credit reports are available free of charge for consumers (subject to fair usage), and will contain information on these types of loans.

From 30 September 2018, lenders considering a consumer loan applications of €2000 or more are obliged to enquire on the Central Credit Register for a borrowers’ credit report. In addition lenders may obtain credit reports if borrowers have sought to restructure of a loan or are in arrears on any loan repayments, or are seeking a loan under €2,000.

Moneylenders, local authorities and providers of business loans are also now required to report on a monthly basis. This information is backdated to 30 March 2018. Information on hire purchase and Personal Contract Plans (PCPs) will be included once legislation has been amended.

The Central Bank is committed to serving the public interest by safeguarding monetary and financial stability and working to ensure that the financial system serves the needs of the economy and its customers over the long term. The Central Bank uses the Central Credit Register to get better insights into the overall level and patterns of lending in the economy.