• 21 January 2019

    Business loans now included on credit reports

    Credit reports that include business loans such a loans to companies, partnerships, clubs and associations are available to lenders and borrowers from 21 January 2019.

    This means that credit reports are now available for both consumer borrowing (credit cards, mortgages, overdrafts and personal loans), with information backdated to 30 June 2017, and business borrowing with information backdated to 31 March 2018.

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  • 12 November 2018

    New Hire Purchase, Asset Finance and PCPs to be included on Central Credit Register.

    From 30 June 2019, lenders will be obliged to report information on all hire purchase (including PCPs), asset finance and similar lending to the Central Credit Register. This includes lending to consumers and non-consumers.

    This is as a result of a recent amendment to the Credit Reporting Act 2013 which brings hire purchase (including PCPs), asset finance, and similar lending within the scope of the Central Credit Register.


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  • 04 October 2018

    Lenders must enquire from 30 September 2018

    Lenders have been submitting information on credit cards, mortgages overdrafts and personal loans to the Central Credit Register monthly since 30 June 2017. Credit reports are available free of charge for consumers (subject to fair usage), and will contain information on these types of loans.

    From 30 September 2018, lenders considering a consumer loan applications of €2000 or more are obliged to enquire on the Central Credit Register for a borrowers’ credit report. In addition lenders may obtain credit reports if borrowers have sought to restructure of a loan or are in arrears on any loan repayments, or are seeking a loan under €2,000.

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  • 20 March 2018

    Credit Reports now available

    Following a satisfactory review of the data submitted by banks and credit unions, to the Central Credit Register, the initial enquiry phase has now commenced. This means that from today borrowers and lenders can request a copy of credit reports from the Central Credit Register.

    Data on mortgages, personal loans, credit cards and overdrafts, which is backdated to 30 June 2017, is live on the system and is incorporated into credit reports.

    From 30 September 2018 it will be compulsory for credit providers to access the Central Credit Register when considering a credit application for €2,000 or greater.

    Further information or read the Explainer on our Consumer Hub

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  • 22 September 2016

    Central Credit Register Regulations Published

    The Central Bank of Ireland has published regulations governing the operation of the new Central Credit Register (the Register). These regulations set out the legal obligations on lenders to supply information to the Register and use the Register when considering loan applications.

    The Register is a national mandatory database of credit intelligence that will be maintained and operated by the Central Bank, in accordance with the provisions of the Credit Reporting Act 2013.

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