What is included on the credit report


Your credit report contains your personal and credit information.



Name (forename & surname)

Current and previous addresses

Date of birth

Personal public service number(PPSN)



Telephone number

Type of loan (credit card, mortgage, overdraft)

Name of the lender

Amount of the loan

Outstanding balance

Number of overdue payments, if any

Date of next payment

Amount of next payment


Each month personal information is submitted by your lender to the Central Credit Register. This is to ensure that all your loans that you may have with different lenders are correctly matched on the Central Credit Register.

Credit information includes positive credit information, for example that a payment has been made; and negative credit information, for example that a payment has not been made.  This information is submitted by your lender in order to build your credit history and create your credit report.

This information will build up over time until five years of information is shown on the credit report that you request.

If a lender requests your credit report, they will only see the most recent two years information on your credit report.

Each time a lender accesses your credit report, they leave a record, called a footprint. Each footprint is a record of the date, the lender name, and the reason why that particular lender sought your credit report.

The footprint is shown at the end of the report for a period of five years after a lender last requested access.

You can submit a request for a credit report or view our requesting a credit report factsheet.

         Your credit report does not tell you if you can be approved for a loan.

The Central Credit Register does not:

  • decide if a loan is approved or not – the lender makes that decision;
  • score or grade credit reports