Explanatory Statement

You have the right to place an explanatory statement of not more than 200 words regarding your credit information held on the Central Credit Register. You may wish to explain an event or circumstances about your loan or loans. You may also use it to bring a matter to the attention of a lender who has asked for your Credit Report.

Your Explanatory Statement will be visible when a lender, you or a person to whom you have given consent asks for your Credit Report.  

The Explanatory Statement is not a means of making a complaint, or the means to request an amendment to information. On the Central Bank website you will find information on how to make a complaint.


Use the buttons below to start a new request or check the status of your existing request.


INDIVIDUALS (consumer, sole trader, or any other natural person who can provide a PPSN)

 NON-INDIVIDUALS (company, legal entity, or any other entity who can provide a BRN, CRO number or foreign equivalent)


To complete your form online please follow the on screen instructions.

If you are unable to complete this process online and are an individual, you may download an application form here. Please complete and return it and all required documentation by post to the Central Credit Register.

If you are a non-individual and are unable to apply online please email myrequest@centralcreditregister.ie

A postal request will take longer to process than an online request.