Request an Amendment

In order to identify the information on the credit report that you believe is inaccurate we recommend that you first obtain an up to date credit report. This will allow you to highlight the information you believe should be amended.

Amending Personal Information

Your personal information includes your name, address, date of birth or PPSN. The best place to start to have incorrect personal information on your Credit Report amended is with your lender.

It is important the information is corrected at source, that is, on your lender’s records, before the records are submitted to the Central Credit Register. This is because incorrect personal information may continue to be submitted each month if an error is not corrected at source.

You can start the process of amending information on your Credit Report by contacting your lender with details of what you believe the correct information is. You should provide any extra information that you may have in support of your request.

Amending Credit Information

You may ask to have incorrect credit information amended on your Credit Report by applying to the Central Credit Register. Incorrect credit information may be that the Credit Report is incomplete if there is a loan missing from your Credit Report. It may also be inaccurate if there is an incorrect outstanding balance or an incorrect number of payments past due on a loan.

Use the buttons below to start a new amendment request or check the status of your existing request.





To complete your form online please follow the simple on screen instructions.

If you are unable to complete this process online, you may download an application form. Please complete and return it and all required documentation by post to the Central Credit Register.

A postal request will take longer to process than an online request.